About us

Teleyare is a phone-counseling social media which was founded to increase public knowledge and to provide customers with professional counseling. Teleyare has provided an atmosphere in which customers from all social positions, even in the least privileged parts of the country, have access to quality counseling services. People with any financial situation can easily benefit from our professional experts' comments in a variety of fields. Anytime you want, you can talk to our experts in different areas such as education, finance, law, health, lifestyle, and etc. Using the latest IT methods and hiring experts from the intellectual elites of the country has provided all Teleyare customers with the opportunity to quickly find answers to their questions. Teleyare is also an effective system for gathering professional counselors in different fields together. By joining Teleyare team, counselors have the chance to easily present their counseling services and products to people from all over the country.

How Teleyare Helps You

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Why Should I Use Teleyare?

You might be looking for an immediate answer

Wherever you are, ask your questions from Teleyare. It will always come up with great answers

You might be seeking a professional counselor

You can look into our counselors' profiles, read about their backgrounds, and then find the expert you are looking for

You might have little time

We will help you anytime you like. Don't worry about the timing; We are there for you even after office hours

You possibly need a straightforward way

Using Teleyare is very straightforward. You only need to log into your account and choose a suitable counselor. They will call you immediately

You might want a clear and concise piece of advice

In Teleyare, you can talk to our experts for as long as you like, but if you want a quick answer, you can talk for a shorter period of time and pay less money

Calls of one minute or less are free of charge

If you decide to end the conversation in less than a minute, we won't charge you

Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal

If you talked to our experts but did not get your answer, or were not satisfied with our help, we will pay your money back

Teleyare is free. Give it a try

The first time you log into your Teleyare account, you will be given a free gift credit of 100,000 rials

Download and Install Teleyare
Why should I work as an expert in Teleyare?

Your cellphone is your office

no matter where you are, you can answer the client's questions on your phone.

You can manage your free time

As one of our experts, you can efficiently use your free time. You are the one who chooses your working hours

You don't pay for phone calls

You don't need to pay any money for contacting our customers. Furthermore, your phone number remains confidential and the customers do not see it

Many people will know you

get famous by creating a profile on Teleyare that introduces you to a large community of clients.

You can become nationally famous

In Teleyare, customers are asked to rate the expert's performance at the end of each conversation. Highly-rated experts are then introduced to customers

You don't need a smartphone

In order to work as a Teleyare expert, there is no need for smartphones, PCs, or even the Internet. All you need is a simple cell phone

You are paid monthly

Working in Teleyare is a part-time job, and you can do it while drinking your coffee at home. Your salary is paid at the end of the month, according to the number of hours you spent counseling

I am an expert

If you are an expert and feel ready and willing to join our team, don't hesitate to create an account.