Teleyare’s main goals

Teleyare's main goals

Teleyare is a phone-counseling social media which was founded to increase public knowledge and to provide customers with professional counseling.
Teleyare has provided an atmosphere in which customers from all social positions, even in the least privileged parts of the country, have access to quality counseling services. People with any financial situation can easily benefit from our professional experts' comments in a variety of fields. Anytime you want, you can talk to our experts in different areas such as education, finance, law, health, lifestyle, and etc.
Using the latest IT methods and hiring experts from the intellectual elites of the country has provided all Teleyare customers with the opportunity to quickly find answers to their questions.
Teleyare is also an effective system for gathering professional counselors in different fields together. By joining Teleyare team, counselors have the chance to easily present their counseling services and products to people from all over the country.